Gauri Pooja


Gauri is one of the names of goddess Parvati, the partner of Lord Shiva and the mother of Lord Ganesh. Sometime in the distant past, Mother Gauri cleaned up. According to the training in Indian family units, Ma Gauri connected turmeric on her body amid shower. At that point she gathered the turmeric glue from her body and made a doll out of it and inhaled life. A beguiling little fellow rose who was posted as the watchman in her royal residence entrance.

Master Shiva was denied section into mother Parvati’s royal residence by the kid. Shiva was maddened and cut out the leader of the kid with his Trishul (trident). Mother Parvati clarified Lord Shiva how she made the kid and felt terrible at the kid’s passing. So as to satisfy her, Lord Shiva requested an elephant head, put it on the kid’s body and gave him life. This is the starting point of Lord Ganesh. After giving him new life, Lord Shiva posted him as the Lord of his militaries. This day of revival came to be praised as Ganesh Chaturthi. Since it was Mother Parvati (Gauri) who brought forth Ganesh, Gauri puja turned into a fundamental piece of Ganesh Chaturthi puja. This is additionally the motivation behind why the picture of Gauri is made in turmeric glue.

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