Muhurat Astrology


Muhurat specifies the best timing and date to start important works or rituals. Astrologer prescribes the auspicious time to initiate life activities, like education, profession, conception, agriculture, trade, travel, house, ornamentation etc. Besides that it is related to individual’s activities, related to nations like war, treaty, friendships, formation of army, coronation, oath ceremony etc. Rather it deals & guides the aspirants about the degree of success, benefits & losses, when an activity should initiated at a particular time. It also forewarns about the unfavourable, prohibited & malefic periods with their future repercussions. In short, Muhurta is the soul of time. Take Astrology consultation in Delhi, it will help you to choose the most auspicious times to start that activity.

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प्रस्ताव मूल्य: रुपये। 3,100/ –


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