Ganesh Pratishthapan


Ganesh pratisthapan is the Hindu celebration hung on the birthday of the master Ganesha. He was the child of Shiva and is commended all over India. In any case, it is most celebrated in Maharashtra.The celebration is hung on shukla chaturthi in the Hindu month of Bhaadrapada and finishes on Anant chaturdashi.For precedent in 2014 it will be commended on August 29th.It is celeberated generally in maharashtra.On this event ladies make extraordinary “modaks” which are cherished by master ganesh. LALBAUG is a spot that consistently praises ganesh chaturthi on a huge scale. There are ganesha’s structure like bal ganesh, lalbaugchya raja, siddhivinayak maharaj and dhagru sheth. Out of these, most well known are Dhagroo sheth and lalbagchya raja.

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