Tulsi Vivah


Devulhani Ekadashi is additionally called Tulsi vivah Festival. Significance of Tulsi vivah is such a great in Hinduism as marriage held from this day. It is said in the sacred writings that on this day Lord Vishnu stir following 4 months of rest. Every one of the ladies who scrub down in Kartik, they make Tulsi’s marriage to God Shaligram this day.

What is the story behind Tulsi marriage?

Tulsi’s uncommon love is done upon the arrival of Tulsi wedding. As indicated by legends, Lord Shaligram was hitched to Tulsi. Tulsi is hitched to Lord Shri Krishna as Shaligram. Master Sri Krishna is the eighth manifestation of Lord Vishnu. Famous Astrologer in Noida says, on this day individuals make a pledge (katha) of Prabodhani Ekadashi in their homes. The marriage of Tulsi is finished by Lord Shrikrishna. After tulsi vivah people distribute Prasad.

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