Lapis Pyramid

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Pyramid signifies power and energy. It has the ability to attract the energy of the universe. Fire is a kind of energy. The word Pyra in the Greek language means ‘fire’ and mid means ‘center’. It means a triangular shaped object or structure in which there is a center of fire energy. Lapis pyramid is used especially for healing therapy only.

What are the benefits of Lapis Pyramid?

  • In western countries, Lapis Stone is used in healing therapy.
  • You must establish a Lapis Pyramid in the study room of the children in the house. It enhances memory power and concentration. Students perform better with the effects of this pyramid.
  • It boosts the confidence of the holder.
  • It has healing properties against ailments related to neck, kidneys, piles, and liver.
  • Lapis Stone Pyramid is also helpful in the treatment of bladder stones.
  • This pyramid is also beneficial in diseases like bronchitis. Additionally, its healing properties are helpful in curing jaundice, gonorrhea, and tuberculosis.
  • You may also be relieved of any kind of skin diseases.
  • Natives working in the field of journalism, psychology, executive or writing must have this in their home. This yields auspicious results to these professionals soon.
  • If Shani Grah is giving malefic results to any native then he or she must have this pyramid established in the home. It will decrease the negative effects of Saturn soon.
  • It is also recommended to people going through the phase of Shani Sade Sati. With the auspicious effects of Lapis Pyramid, native is freed from the negative effects of Shani Grah.
  • If any person is suffering from any skin allergies or ailments, then touching this pyramid on the skin heals the allergy slowly.

Why Lapis Pyramid is so special?

 Lapis Pyramid is used in healing therapy. This ends any kind of fears and sustains self-endurance. It is recommended to establish this pyramid on a Saturday or on any other auspicious day. This Lapis Pyramid must be established in a temple or any holy place. As soon as you have established it in the house, you will start feeling the positivity. The environment of the house will be pleasant and promising. Natives will start gaining profits and financial success. All the members will feel courageous and home will be filled with prosperity.

Why buy Lapis Pyramid from AnantGyan?

 This Lapis pyramid has been energized by our experienced astrologers. This ensures that you receive auspicious results soon.


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