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Vastu for students

By February 26, 2021 Blog, Blogs
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Vastu is a science which shows the right direction and from the perspective of Vastu, it is important that in which direction the children sit and study. You can work hard for good results, but the results that come out may not be satisfactory. According to Vastu Shastra, topping and good performance in studies depends not only on you but also on the energy around you. If this energy is negative for any reason, it affects both your focus and concentration.

There are certain Vastu tips for students that will help for good results, improve concentration and memory.

  1. There should be a reading room in the east, north or north-east direction of the house, this improves the power of learning and increases knowledge.
  2. East direction does not let you feel tired. And makes you feel energetic. So always try to choose north or east direction while studying.
  3. The study room door should also be in the east or north direction.
  4. There should not be a study room, beams under a toilet, or under a ladder.
  5. Books and other items should be neatly placed on the study table.
  6. Do not sit under the light of direct light, this will affect your concentration.
  7. The student should not sit exactly in front of the study room door. Because the heavy flow of energy coming through the door has a wrong effect on his concentration and meditation.
  8. The bookshelf should be above the study table.
  9. The study room should have pictures of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Sarasvati.
  10. By keeping the pyramid in the study place, there is a balance in energy and memory increases memory.
  11. Students feel energetic and excited by sitting in their favorable direction. The right direction increases their concentration levels by enabling their Ajna Chakra.

We hope that by taking these small measures, students will be able to achieve the success they deserve.

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  • Arti Singh says:

    It was a great experience with pandit ji. His knowledge of astrology and vastu is amazing. He gives a holistic view and resolution to your queries.

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