Abhishek puja is presumably the most dominant puja to pacify Lord Shiva. Consistently amid Saavan, we play out this puja with our Pundit ji. Additionally on birthday celebrations, we do Abhishek. Shiv ji is the incomparable God and he favors his enthusiasts with wellbeing and riches. We are honored with master Shiva’s favors in all structures. Har Mahadeva.

I hv understand the forces of Lord Shiva. When I was in issue. I did the Abhishek Puja with entire heart and genuine conviction. Ruler Shiv got content with me and favor me by reclaiming my prblm. Bholenath is the most dominant and Abhishek Puja is the best puja to do to fulfill him.

Offer Price: Rs. 2,500/-

प्रस्ताव मूल्य: रुपये। 2,500 / –


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